My first job when I started working for film and tv.

These are my favorites
Fake Dummy Male dummy for Jet li's starred "Black Mask . Poly urethane full body . I never notice this dummy in the movie its probably cut.
Robotic arms, animatronics. Cable controlled arm. Foam latex skin.
robotic crane For the movie "Magic Crane" 9 feet mechanical crane with articulated head.
Female dummy props Female dummy
Red Snake Animatronic red snake for the movie "Green Snake"
Giant Tortoise Monster tortoise . Animatronic.
Wicked City SFX makeup Character makeup (Full body) , for a feature film based from an animated japanese movie "Wicked City"
Wicked city special effects make-up Character makeup . "Wicked City"
Witch - special make-up effects Character make up .Witch.
Ugly face character special  make up Character Make up for a Philippine movie. "Dodong Guapo" - look at how I created the make-up at home , the traditional way.
My old works.
Monster head for Wicked City movie More monster I created for "Wicked City" (base from the Japanese animation) 14 seconds to load
Small scale model for wicked city Smaller scale monster being painted . "Wicked City"
snake monster effects Snake like creature. Early stage "Wicked City".
Snake like creature Snake like creature." Wicked City" , I modelled, cast to final painting .
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi sculpture Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi made of clay and painted , one of my early works.
Mahatma Gandhi sculpture Mahatma Gandhi , frontal
Sculpting Mahatma Gandhi more Gandhi
Baby Monster -Tyanak Devil Baby for a Movie , I only did the sculpture, mold and foam ,Maurice Carvajal and Boy Ponce did thr finishing.
Test special make-up Test make-up
Test make-up Finished test make-up
Freddy Krueger Mask My own version of Freddy Krueger a character from Nightmare on Elm Street, Latex mask only
Dummy Head Dummy for an actor

The works below is dedicated to my mentor Maurice Carvajal

Maurice belongs to the family of make up artist from the LVN era his grandma who is Monang Carvajal started making up herself for his role in the movies , Maurice moved to US and continue his learning under Dick Smith and few years later he started to work with Guillermo del Toro for the film Cronos.

In memory of my mentor, I post some of his great work !

Roderick Paulater - Petrang Kabayo Roderick Paulate -"Petrang Kabayo" animatronic transforming human head to a horse
Devils head in Wax This is made of wax.
Middle Eastern Man This is probably a test make-up for Dick Smith , not sure about it.

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